Message From The Founder

Savina J.P M.E., (PH.D.)

Education is the first stepping stone to an open mind, a life of dignity and growth of each individual and humankind at large"

                Technical Teaching & Training Academy opens its doors for those with a passion for learning and also provide a platform to gear the students to be focussed and successful individuals of tomorrow.

                The academy admits deserving students in order to support the aspirations and ambitions of young people, particularly those from disadvantaged background, who is to secure a better future. Now that you have taken the first step in the direction towards success and it is up to us now to continue your journey. Your education here will be complete only when you take full advantage of all the facilities we offer.

                In our academy, you will be guided by experienced and dedicated faculties, who are trained to help students resolve both academic and personal difficulties. Our library offers you to access compressive resources.

                Now that you are a member of our TTT family, you become our responsibility and it is up to us now, to show you the path to success. We encourage you to imbibe the decorum of our institution during your stay as they will play a pivotal role in helping you achieve success in your study and thereafter in your career.

GOOD Luck…!